Nothing says Independence Day like a backyard BBQ! Here’s a few entertaining games that will be sure to spark a good time!

Red, white, and blue tag

Give each competitor a red, white, or blue flag to attach to their waist. Blow a whistle and the first one to gather one red, one white and one blue flag from their competitors wins the game!

Fourth of July trivia bingo

Print out free Bingo cards online or make your own. Each square has an answer to a trivia question. The host will ask a trivia question and if someone has an answer they will mark that square. The first to get 5 squares filled in a row or diagonally shouts BINGO! If you want to be extra patriotic, ask American history questions!

Patriotic Scavenger Hunt

A good ole scavenger hunt will be sure to keep your guests busy! Give guests clues to search for 4th of July gear such as flags, a mini Declaration of Independence, toy soldiers, and sparklers.

Water balloons, dodgeball style.

You can’t go wrong with a water activity in the middle of summer. Draw a line and divide into two teams on each side. Lay red, white, and blue water balloons on the line. When a whistle is blown, each team will run towards the line to grab as many balloons as they can and the water balloon fight will begin! Whoever gets hit by a balloon thrown by the opposing team is out. Last one standing wins the game!

Presidential Relay Race

Put a presidential twist on the classic relay race! Raid your closet, consignment shop, or costume store and find a couple outfit pieces that resemble George Washington such as a wig, collared shirt, and a flag. Set an item on each side of the relay. Each person on the team must run back and forth, putting the item on until the ensemble is complete. First one to be fully dressed wins the game!


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