Love is out there for everyone. With the world changing everyday we as humans change along with it.  Love drastically changes too. We grow older; different interests perk to us, or the Supreme Court rules on allowing everyone to bind their love. Finally, we are in a time where everyone can love and be loved.
Wedding Rings with Gay Symbols Isolated on White.

For same-sex relationships, this means a first chance for love or being able to express ones’ true selves. In a post-Obergefell world, you can celebrate yourself and your true love no matter what anyone else thinks. The 5-4 decision has legalized gay marriage and the parties and wedding have been happening ever since.  Now, if you’ve waited your whole life to celebrate your marriage, are you going to have a small get-together or are you going to shout it out from the rooftops? Your wedding deserves the pomp and circumstance befitting of your sensibilities.

Gay marriage. Top view of smiling beautiful brides

No matter where you have decided to throw your “BIG” day, it has to be special to you and reflect what kind of couple you and your soon to be are. Elegant or Rustic, Modern or vintage, or even if you are inspired by a favorite TV show or Movie-It has to have meaning to the two of you. It’s your vision…and no one can tell you NO now. There are no limits to what you can do.

Gay couple on a beach after getting married

You can get married on a beach, on the tallest building, maybe jumping out of a plane…. or as simple as a small dinner for you and your family to celebrate together. Do you want something dramatic like a black tie event filled with vibrant red roses and black chandeliers? Perhaps Something more natural and laid back with the water or mountains being your scenery. Remember LOVE WINS so you could live in Alaska and come to Napa Valley to be wedded or even to New Orleans to have a French quarter celebration.

Maybe you are not sure how your day will be. Well, Belladeux Event Design specializes in exactly these kinds of blow-it-out affairs. Since there is nothing holding us back we will not hold you back! Your night should be as historic as June 26, 2015 was and nothing less.

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