We have all felt this way at some time or another.  There is “stuff” everywhere and no hope in sight.  Whether it’s paper piling up in your office or toys all over the living room, things can drive us a little crazy.  Add this to wedding planning and you have a recipe for pure chaos.

Wedding Word Cloud Concept in Black and White

To bring a bit more sanity to your life while planning your wedding, try letting go of some of that physical clutter.  Decisions to get rid of things can be so difficult because many of us attach emotion to our things.  It is an interesting phenomenon that we allow things to overcome us in this way.  How inanimate objects take on such meaning that we almost feel the object may be hurt if we set it free.

To take back your life, you must relinquish the past.  Clutter is often composed of past lives.  You know…all of the supplies from that time you decided to learn cake decorating, or the old weight bench you bought 6 years ago and used once.  These things are not only remnants of past lives, they also are sources of guilt.

When you look around your home or office and see remnants of projects started and never completed it is very emotionally draining.  The first step to reclaiming your space is getting rid of all of those past lives.

Organized Office

Look at the present and decide what belongs here now.  What serves you in your present life?  You may have to deal with some emotional aspect of freeing yourself from the past, but how liberated you will feel once you have done it!

What are some ways that you can destress the wedding planning period?  We’d love to hear your ideas!


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