With the recent turnout of the United States presidential election, a lot of Americans have been saying they want to move to Canada. Well since Canada’s getting so much interest, we thought…hey why not give you some beautiful venues where you can get married?

Canada is a huge country and awesome! They have all of your favorite seasons throughout the year and multiple climates you can venture into. They are very friendly and they also have lots of hockey!

We are going to start with one of Canada’s diverse cities, Vancouver. Surrounded by mountains, Vancouver prides itself with a thriving art scene. It also has a plethora a of beautiful venues to accompany. Here are our top four favorite venues!

Stanley Park Pavilion


A 405-hectare park surrounded by water in the downtown area of Vancouver, the 1911 Stanley Park Pavilion is nestled by an array of unique indoor and outdoor venues. The pavilion holds a ballroom, a tea room, a bar and grill, and an outside lawn.  Adjacent to you will be the famous rose gardens to add to your backdrop as well. This venue can accommodate events of all sizes up to 300 guests. This venue screams the beauty of Vancouver!

Terminal City Club


We are staying in to the city of Vancouver to visit a building that has seen its share of high profile business. In 1892, the mayor and a group of entrepreneurs were basking in on how exciting it was to live in Vancouver they decided to start what is now known as the Terminal City Club. The Club is now a modern, high-rise that can now serve as an event space. Terminal City club holds two floors of ballrooms, the Presidents Ballroom and the Metropolitan ballroom.  These ballrooms can give the best views of the city.

Rosewood Hotel Georgia


A timeless elegance, this spectacular Vancouver hotel brings an old world touch. Rosewood Hotel Georgia offers sophistication with modern elegance. The Spanish ballroom has frosted glass windows, a balcony, and beautiful details throughout. The hotel is located in the middle of Vancouver’s city culture. Walking distance from Stanley park, art galleries, museums, restaurants and boutiques, this hotel will give all your destination guests something to do.

Brock House Restaurant


Situated near Jericho Beach is a restaurant that can put on extraordinary weddings with the best of them. The Brock House Restaurant has been serving Vancouver for over 25 years. The house overlooks the Pacific Ocean and the North Shore Mountains. This venue can serve as great intimate outdoor wedding.

Did you enjoy our travels to Vancouver? If so, let us know below! We would love to hear if you had any experiences with these wonderful venues.


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