Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since Engage and we are still basking in all the glory that we experienced in the four days that we were at The Breakers Palm Beach for the Engage Summit. First off, we want to thank Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce for hosting all the creative minds and treating us to a world class event. You two rock!  We are so excited that us “one ballers” are surely hooked and cannot wait to attend our next summit.

Where to even begin! The week was filled with magical surprises, mastermind speakers, and enough swag for an army of event vendors. When entering into the world of events and weddings, we always put 110% of ourselves into our clients. Sweat, blood, and tears go into everything we touch no matter how big or small the event is. It was so nice to be on the flip side and be treated as a VIP guest.


We arrived at The Breakers hotel on Saturday night and we were greeted by a gorgeous flower arrangement as we walked into the breathtaking lobby.

The Breakers Lobby

The Breakers is an experience. I can sit here and tell you how spectacular it was but I can’t find the right words to describe the hotel’s elegance or how amazing the staff was. The staff, all dressed in their Lilly Pulitzer outfits, made sure that we saw a smile on every person’s face and that everyone had the time of their lives. We even walked right into a wedding in full swing and of course the bride was a picture perfect sight. We knew this was the definition of paradise.

After we checked in, we went to unpack in our rooms. Upon entering, the TV in the bedroom was playing a melody that triggered a sense of relaxation. A chocolate gift was placed on our beds.  We also found a refreshing bottle of wine waiting to help us unwind after a long day of traveling.

Engage16 The Breakers Wine Gift

The room was beyond spectacular and there was even a TV in the bathroom mirror!

Day 1

Sunday was registration day. We were welcomed by the wonderful team that Rebecca and Kathryn had gathered, and you could feel the excitement surging through the rooms. As we entered, we were handed an Engage branded tote bag and they told us to “have fun shopping”. The Engage team, with help from The Gilded Group, built a pop-up shop with everything from charms, to candy, to scarfs, and much more.

Engage16 The Breakers Pop-up Boutique

Photo by: jeremie barlow photography

We thought, “This is for us?” There was enough swag to please anyone and it all came from Gifts For The Good Life. Even a sweet candy bar from Sugarfina to hit our sweet tooth. Everything was color coordinated with the Engage brand in corals, pinks, and reds.

After the pop-up shop experience, we had our First Timers Meeting in the Gold Room. Here we got to meet the rest of the “one ballers” and met some of the veteran attendees of Engage summits. Our favorite piece of advice was to branch out from the business associates we already knew and to make a great effort to meet new people. So, as much as we wanted to stay glued to each other, we had way more fun meeting all of our new friends!


Photo by: Carla Ten Eyck

Next, we moved into the Mediterranean Ballroom for the Opening Session.

Mediterranean Ballroom

Photo by: Joel Callaway

Opening Session

As we entered the room, exciting music was pumping to help get us ready for a fun filled week! Two Paperdolls created beautiful pinwheel itineraries that were so fun and a unique way to find out what was happening.

Pinwheel Itinerary

Photo by: jeremie barlow photography

Kathryn and Rebecca stood at the podium to great everyone and welcome them to the event. You could really feel the love of friendship these two have for each other and it translated into the details of the room.

Kathryn and Rebecca

Photo by: jeremie barlow photography

We sat through four amazing presentations by Dane Sanders, the president of Dane Sanders Inc, Abby and Tait Larson from Style Me Pretty, and the wonderful Marcy Blum.  We got a taste of the awesome things that we were going to learn about and how we could become the best that we could be. We wrapped up the session with Samantha Roberts from Maid of Social giving us a few social media tips and trends.  After the welcome meeting, we were sent off to get changed into our beach chic outfits. When we arrived back in our room, the Engage team and Gifts for the Good Life‘ had left our first swag box that had all different kinds of snacks and treats in it.


Photo by: jeremie barlow photography

The first night’s party happened by the south pool on The Breakers property. The Breakers Wedding team, Events on the Loose, Nuage Designs and Bubble Collection fashioned the décor. There was a fire in the pool and a huge marquee “making waves” floating in the water  by Event Effects Group. The executive chef at the Breakers created 5 stations of impeccable foods and deserts for us to enjoy. The Breakers staff walked through the crowd serving “spicy margaritas” and fun hors d’oeuvres to try. Kitty Carmichael and DJ Ray Jarrell Elan Artists provided the entertainment for the evening starting with an amazing band, beautiful salsa dancers, and finished up with a bang with DJ Ray Jarrell.



Photos by: Carla Ten Eyck


Photo by: jeremie barlow photography

It was off to bed after a crazy day and we began to get ready for the next day’s adventure! Be sure to follow all the BellaKrewe’s Engage adventure here. Which one of the pictures was your favorite so far? Let us know bellow!

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