Jazz Breakfast

Day 2 began with a New Orleans themed breakfast party that was, of course, close to our hearts.


Photo by: John Cain photography

The overall design was done by The Breakers Design Studio and the linens were provided by Nuage Designs. Equinox Orchestra started the day with fun jazz music as we toured around the New Orleans street stations. The New Orleans street signs were created by Event Effects Group.


Photo by: Cameron Kelly Studio

Morning Session

We then moved into the Venetian Ballroom to start our first day of sessions. The room was lined with long conference tables but because we are in the event industry these were no ordinary tables. They were adorned with custom made linens from Nuage and there were more goodies to give out to us from Gifts for the Good Life.


Photo by: John Cain photography

We listened intently to three speakers including the Grandfather of wedding planning Preston Bailey, David Adler CEO and Founder from BizBash, and Gretchen Rubin. All of them shared with us great information about success stories, failures, new and fun inventions, and their own personal aspects of the industry. It was very interesting to hear Preston Bailey talk about how even though he is a veteran in the event world, he still makes mistakes. Mistakes happen but it’s how you rebound, reshape, and relearn from them. David filled us in on some awesome inventions that were hitting the market. Gretchen talked about what kind of personalities we base ourselves on and what will make us happy. She also gave us an awesome book so we could take even more knowledge away from her.


Photo by: Cameron Kelly Studio

Happy Break

After the first three speakers, we took a short break. The Engage team couldn’t have a break that was anything less than fantastic. A gospel group, AA Musicians, lit up the ballroom singing Pharell’s Happy song.


Photo by: Love Life Photography

The Breakers Design Studio made the room inviting with big yellow smiley face balloons and happy pill cookies, this was a “happy hour” after all. The group was amazing and definitely gave us a little more pep in our step. Linens were by Nuage and the furniture was done by AFR Event Furnishings and Bubble Collection.


Photo by: Love Life Photography

The gospel group livened us up and we reentered the ballroom for our next set of three speakers. This set included the amazing Carley Roney who is the Co-Founder from XO Group, the beautiful Lynn Easton, and the oh so funny and inspiring Cindy Novotny who is the founder of Master Connection Associates.  Carley talked about the power of community and how to think beyond our industry to make our value in different networks. Lynn’s dress was amazing, but she was helping us to show what we are worth in this industry. Cindy was the only thing standing between us and lunch as she reminded us as she got on stage. Cindy had the crowd laughing at every moment because she is so real and true. Vulnerability was a big theme during this session. They stressed that we needed to make ourselves vulnerable in order to achieve our dreams and then change that vulnerability to courage.

Beach Club Lunch

After the conclusion of the session, we gathered at the Beach Club for some lunch. The menu for lunch was done by Two Paper Dolls.


Photo by: Love Life Photography

We sat around and chatted with our new friends from Nuage who supplied the linens for the lunch, St. Joe’s Club and Resorts, and Mary Phan who is the Creative Director of The Sketchbook Series. Entertainment was provided by  Elan Artists and the design was yet again knocked out of the park by The Breakers Design Studio.

Afternoon General Session

After lunch, we went back to the Venetian Ballroom. We had another goodie waiting for us on the table from Kristy Rice. Kristy gave us each a water coloring book and our inner child wanted to start painting right away.


Photo by: Love Life Photography

We then began the third session of speakers. These included the impeccable Mindy Weiss, Steve Dziedzic who is the Director of Product for The Knot, and the charming Colin Cowie.


Photo by: Love Life Photography

Popsicle Break

In between this session and the next, we had a quick afternoon popsicle break. The Breakers Design Studio teamed with Nuage and Bubble Collection to create a “cool yourself off” design.


Photo by: Cameron Kelly Studio

The fourth session wrapped up with Todd Fiscus, the lively Jes Gordon, and the insightful David Beahm. Both the third and fourth sessions were filled with visions of beautiful inspirations that transformed into beautiful creations. We learned how to target our social media and how to structure within our businesses with the world constantly changing. Todd Fiscus even gave us the prices per person for “Lovely, Luxury, and Ultra-luxury” events. A lot of information was dished out to us and we sucked it all in like sponges.


Photo by: Cameron Kelly Studio

Dine Around

After a full day of sessions, we went back to our rooms to get ready for the evening events. Everyone put on their best cocktail outfits and we were spilt up to do a dine around on The Breakers campus. All attendees were separated by different logos on the back of our lanyards and we were selected to go to the Flagler’s Steakhouse. Once we arrived at Flagler’s, we chose numbers and sat with different people. Ashley sat at table 5 and meet new friends from FH Wedding and Events, Ritz-Carlton and Cait & Amy Hair and Makeup Artist while Kim sat at table 8 and met  Kimberly Gosselin of  Clover & Company Weddings and Events  and Ann Taylor of A Chair Affair . Engage not only encourages getting to know new people, they make it so easy by organizing events like the dine around!


Photo by: Carla Ten Eyck

Sugar Party

We finished dinner and headed to the Circle Ballroom in The Breakers and entered the world of Candyland. This party was definitely something unique designed by The Breakers Design Studio. Candy girls waited outside with lollipops and sugary treats.


Photo by: John Cain photography

Nuage and Event Effects Group help bring it all together! When you entered the room it was swirling with purples, pinks, and gum drops on the walls via video mapping. These projections were done by Galaxy Projections. There were stilt walkers, a hula hoop contortionist, hip hop doll dancers, a trio of singers paying tribute to all those famous candy songs and all the while a vibrant band, supplied by Elan Artists, played us through the night.


Photo by: Joel Callaway

There were two different martinis being passed around the room, a cotton candy and an expresso  with a chocolate monkey hanging from it. There was also a PATRÓN bar.


Photo by: Love Life Photography

There was a huge selection of cakes and milkshake options that got everyone a little sweeter right before bed.


Photo by: John Cain photography

As we headed off to bed, we yet again had something waiting for us in our rooms from Engage and Gifts For the Good Life. More swag that would help us to get ready for the last day’s events. An embroidered robe, scrubs, and other beauty products.


Photo by: jeremie barlow photography

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