Media Lounge

On our last day of the Engage Summit, the energy was just as strong as on day one. The only difference between day one and three was that the friendships and partnerships we had made were really starting to develop. We started our day with a media lounge. The media lounge offered a rare opportunity to discuss the best way to get your submissions or events covered with a variety of luxury wedding publications.


Photo by: John Cain photography

Breakout Sessions

After stopping by a few of them, we then spilt up and attended breakout sessions. Kim enjoyed sketching with Mary Phan, laughing yet again with Cindy, and hearing great advice from Debbie Gellar while Ashley enjoyed a very informative talk from Steve Paster, an eye opening discussion with Sean Low, and beautiful images and information in the designing world from Bryan Rafanelli.


Photo by: Carla Ten Eyck


Photo by: Joel Callaway

Croquet Lawn Lunch

Next, we all went to lunch in the courtyard for a croquet-themed lawn party. We were all dressed in white for the occasion. Pink roses, flamingos and croquet bats all lined the yard created by the Breakers Design Studio.


Photo by: Carla Ten Eyck

The amazing musicians, Bon Musique Jazz from Elan Artists, tied everything together, and we enjoyed finger sandwiches, salads and some sweets.


Photo by: Love Life Photography

It was a very hot day and Belladeux started a trend by bringing their own parasols.


Next thing we knew, The Breakers handed out umbrellas to help give more shade to the party.

Class of Engage16 at the Breakers!


Photo by: Joel Callaway


It was finally time to get ready for the big event of the night, The Gala! BeGlammed did our hair and makeup and got us all ready to strut down the red carpet. Kim and Ashley were both in Badgley Mischka.


Everyone looked so great in their outfits. It is very rare for us to be the center of attention since we mostly work in the background of events. We went back to the room where it all began, the Mediterranean Ballroom. It was like we walked into a Bond movie. There were red roses, mirrors, candles, and crystals which made it feel so dramatic and sexy.


Photo by: John Cain photography

All the décor was done by Swag Décor, Zenith Lighting Inc, Alpine Creative Group, Event Effects Group, Lux Event Rentals, and Great Hire LTD. There were martini stands with ice luges and happy faces everywhere. When we moved into the Venetian Ballroom for dinner, the reveal of the room was so overwhelming that no one could keep their phones away. I think we counted 42 amazing chandeliers from Signature Chandeliers that lined the walls. Pablo from Nuage made custom linens for the tables and Vali Entertainment keep that ultra-luxury feeling going with a large jazz band.


Photo by: jeremie barlow photography


Photo by: John Cain photography


Photo by: Cameron Kelly Studio

There was a special performance by the opera singer Fernando Varela.


Photo by: Joel Callaway

Dinner was magnificent! We certainly had been indulged all week by the food, but the best was saved for last. The Chargers were from BBJ Linens and the glassware was from Classic Party Rental. We got to sit with our New Orleans friends from The Chicory, Kim Starr Wise, Melissa Fine Pastries, Greer Gattuso and Sapphire Events. We were also joined by Stacey Fraunfelter from Charleston, SC, who is an awesome person to talk to and fit right in with the New Orleans tribe!


Photo by: Love Life Photography

Purple Rain After Party

After dinner, we went to our last after party in the Ponce Ballroom, and it was a Purple Rain theme! Prince’s logo circled the room and there were lit up dancers from The Powerhouse Group vogueing on glowing boxes.


Photo by: jeremie barlow photography

Let me tell you that wedding vendors can get down! The band Rock With You- Fusion played Prince’s songs all night and we had the time of our lives and lived in the moment with Prince.


Photo by: jeremie barlow photography

When the party was over we were sad because it meant our Engage16 was coming to an end. We walked back to our rooms with our heads low and yet again the Engage team and Gifts for the Good Life surprised us with a little pick me up to help us get home the next day. Waiting for us was a book, a pillow, and a blanket. Engage was like Christmas to us, with gifts and surprises around every corner.


Photo by: jeremie barlow photography

There was so much information that we had been graciously given and so many details that we got to look at. Again, we can’t express how wonderful this conference was! Kathryn and Rebecca…Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have not only opened our minds to new ideas but have also given us this opportunity to make so many great connections that we can grow on. Attending Engage will be on our list every year so that we can give the best not only to our clients but to ourselves as well.

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