Palm Beach isn’t just known for its spectacular hotels and beaches, it’s also a great place for food! Coming from New Orleans you would expect that we have high standards for our dining experiences. While we were in Palm Beach we just had to check out the best cuisine available. Bon appetite!

The Breakers

Being newbies in the city we were paralyzed with so many choices just within The Breakers Palm Beach. The Breakers alone has 8 distinctive restaurants on location that give a unique experience each time you visit. Below we choose the 3 that really stand out, but make sure you check out the rest (because it was really hard to pick).


HMF stands for Henry Morrison Flagler, the founding father of The Breakers, and this restaurant does the father proud! The décor shows off the golden era of Palm Beach with its high style and opulence. HMF houses an extensive wine list from all around the world. Make sure you show up in your best cocktail dress and slacks when visiting.


Photo from: The Breakers Palm Beach

Flagler Steakhouse

If you love meat make sure you check out the newly renovated steakhouse, Flagler Steakhouse. This restaurant speaks to Americana with its luxe red, white, and blue settings. Flagler has a fully climate-controlled terrace which will help you to enjoy the heat in June. The menu features the finest selection of USDA prime and a delectable fish selection. The restaurant plays classic jazz hits that reminded us of home and even the staff dress fashionably.  The dress code here is resort wear so think of James Bond on the beach in Dr. No and you’ll be set.  Maybe button up that shirt though, it’s not the 60’s anymore!


Photo from: The Breakers Palm Beach


Maybe you want to experience the flavors of Asia.  In that case, Echo is perfect for you. This restaurant is inspired by yin and yang. Vibrant red décor and stainless steel chopsticks await each customer. If you want to enjoy the restaurant’s tranquility and energy, you can make your way down the the Dragonfly cocktail lounge. Enjoy the plethora of cocktails, sake, beers, and wine.


Photo from: The Breakers Palm Beach

Off premises there are so many restaurants to choose from, so where did I begin to look? Do what any great planner would do, call the concierge! The concierge gave me a couple of options to choose from.


Okeechobee Steak House has been serving steaks since 1947. It was first known as a drive-in and then the owners passed it down to their son who grew it to what it is today. They have mastered the steak aging process by using a guarded family secret that leaves the meat in its most succulent form. A more casual dining experience with a friendly bar staff will have you dancing in your seat.


Photo from: Okeechobee Stake House


The Sailfish Marina Resort located on the Palm Beach Shore has a restaurant tucked inside that has great views that match the quality of the menu. The Sailfish Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers the freshest local seafood. The restaurant buys the fish right off the boats as soon as they dock in their beautiful marina. From farm to table is their motto! You can also take in the prettiest sunsets there as well.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.06.08 PM

Photo from: Sailfish

Café Boulud

Last but not least in our food adventure is Café Boulud. Café Boulud is located in the Brazilian Court Hotel. This restaurant just underwent renovations and also serves as an event location which we’ve written about previously in our Destination Blog. The menu is in the style of French seafood cuisine and inspired by Daniel Boulud’s restaurants around the world. They also have an impeccable wine cellar on location. Different styles and different regional wines line the walls for its visitors to enjoy! During high season the restaurant prefers jackets be worn.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.16.23 PM

Photo from: Daniel Boulud

We have only skimmed the surface of amazing places to dine in Palm Beach. Food has to be enjoyed as an adventure and we would love to hear about your Palm Beach food adventure some time! If you want to find out more about our excursion in Palm Beach and the Engage summit, make sure you stay tuned here! We hope this made you crave a delicious treat!


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