What should grooms and groomsmen do on the day of the wedding?

Guys, you have it so easy. On average, you only need an hour to get yourself groomed and looking sharp. We women suffer over hours of make-up and hair to get ready (though we secretly love getting pampered). When we are off getting ready for the walk down the aisle, what should you and your groomsmen do? Not twiddle your thumbs, I hope. Here are some ideas you and your fellows might do during the morning hours.

Why not go and get pampered yourself? Indulge with a warm lather and straight razor shave and haircut. Here in New Orleans we have a great place for that called Aidan Gill for Men. Located at the corner of Magazine and Fulton, this place is great for you and your fellow gentlemen to clean yourselves up in luxury and style. Check out the man who does it all here: Aidan Gill For Men


Maybe you have some pre wedding jitters and some action will help settle these nerves. Take the gents shooting. Smelling the outside air and gun powder while skeet shooting or the smell will get your mind off any nerves you may have had before. If shooting isn’t for you, go to laser tag. It’s the perfect cat and mouse game and you’ll share tons of laughs along the way.

Other ideas could include going to the movies, golfing, a day at the races, or a workout together. These are all fun ideas that will keep you and your groomsmen entertained while creating special memories. I will say one idea that I would advise you and your groomsmen against would be to go to the bar and get 5 shots down before the processional song begins. It’s about the ceremony and the special union before two people at first. The reception is for the celebration. We have seen grooms and brides going a little too hard in the hours before their wedding and it is rough to see what happens after. And while passing the time with some drinks might sound nice, shouldn’t you make the most important commitment of your life while sober?


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Do activities that will make you more and more excited to see the bride start that walk down the aisle to become your wife. We would love to hear your ideas  or if you want more information about what to do in New Orleans during your wedding weekend, comment below!

Happy Planning!

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