Your friends and family all gather to see you and your new honey say “I DO” and after the ceremony the party begins at the reception. One of the details that seems to have fallen by the wayside in recent years is the guest book. It was once a way for the wedding couple to keep track of who was at their wedding so they could send thank you notes. A guest book is one of the oldest traditions, but with advances in modern communication being what they are, couples have gotten rid of them entirely or place a bland book out that looks out of place like a vestigial organ. If a guest book is sitting out on the gift table, guests either bypass it all together or sign it and the couple will never even lay eyes on it. So what are some alternatives to keep encourage your guests to participate and let you know who attended your wedding? There are so many alternatives to guest books, but they must represent the couple’s identity. Here are 4 of my favorite alternative guest book ideas that are fun and something different for your guests.


My first favorite alternate is creating a huge jigsaw puzzle using your favorite engagement/personal photo. Guests will each take a jigsaw piece and write a note of encouragement to the couple and place it into a bowl. When the couple comes home from their honeymoon they get to enjoy all the wonderful messages and have some fun reassembling their picture.

Bride and groom in photobooth.

Another alternative to a guest book is having a photo booth at the reception. Their silly picture strips can serve two purposes – a great take home gift, and they can be put into the guest book. Instead of couples never opening their guest book again, this activity enriches your wedding and will allow you to relive how much fun all of your guests had at your wedding.

heart fingerprint

A unique alternative that I have seen recently is couples having a sentimental object or picture that guest can actually sign with their finger prints. Put out a variety of paints and have each guest stamp their finger print on the canvas. This whimsical alternate will get your guest smiling as they have fun creating art just like they did when they were kids. Don’t forget napkins or wipes for cleaning up the paint!

Wine bottle chalkboard

You can incorporate the guest book with the décor. I have seen white bottles that are centerpieces for the table that can be drawn on with chalk. Guests can have fun writing a message on the centerpiece and it can get the conversation going around the whole table.

It is always nice to see a traditional guest book at a wedding, but couples now want to think outside of the box (or in this case the book). Have a cool alternative idea? Let us know below!

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