You’ve said your I Do’s and stashed away the gifts, now what? Now comes the Honeymoon!! Whether you leave the day after your wedding or wait a few weeks/months to go on a dream vacation, I have the following hints and tips to make it as seamless as possible.

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The very first thing you absolutely MUST remember is not to book your plane tickets or any reservations under your new married name. If you are planning on taking your husband’s name, it may seem romantic to already be Mr. or Mrs. So and So but it can be a nightmare. My husband thought it would be sweet to book our flight to Vancouver with my not quite new married name. When we went to check in, of course my driver’s license did not match the ticket name. No big deal right? Just switch the name over in the system right? Wrong. Our flight was full and people were on stand-by, which meant that as soon as they pulled my name out of the system to re-book, I got bumped from the flight.  Luckily for me it was handled and we were able to get on the flight, but man was I a tad concerned my first official day married was going to end horribly.

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If you are not both beach people, don’t go to the beach. For some reason most people want to go somewhere warm and tropical for their honeymoon, almost as if it’s what you are required to do. As someone that had nightly dreams about a cabin over the water in Bora Bora I can certainly see where these thoughts come from. One catch, my husband isn’t much of a beach guy. Sure he loves being in the water, but spending a week in a tropical environment was not his first choice. So we compromised. We spent our honeymoon in Vancouver in March. It was cold and rainy for most of our trip and you know what? It didn’t matter to us at all. We were still floating from our wedding and had the most amazing time wandering every day. We even spent 3 of the days in Victoria in the most romantic bed & breakfast ever. So keep in mind that if your new spouse gets sunburned easily, a beach honeymoon may not be the best first choice.  (There is nothing worse than getting burned on the first day of your trip and then having to suffer for a week, talk about unromantic!)

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Splurge! I know it’s not always sound financial advice to tell someone to splurge on their honeymoon, but for some people this may be the biggest (and last) trip that you take together as just the two of you. Kids may be in your future and even if you have someone at home watching the baby, you will never be quite as carefree as you are on your honeymoon. So bump yourself to first class for once, take that crazy zip line tour and really make the most of your time together.  I would caution you not to overbook yourself though. You definitely want down time and romantic strolls by yourself without feeling like every second of your honeymoon is curated.

Above all else, be safe. Many honeymoon destinations are in developing countries and it’s not hard to pick out a couple on their honeymoon, blissfully unaware of everything around them but each other.  It is easy to spend the day gazing into each other’s eyes and forget that your bag with your passport is open and not being watched. Utilize the safe at your hotel or if there is no safe, leave expensive items at home. (And yes, that includes your new gorgeous wedding rings.) Trust me, you are still married whether you are wearing that big diamond or not and you certainly don’t want to lose it in the bottom of the ocean!

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The honeymoon is the time for you and your new spouse to connect with each other and relax after a potentially long planning period. So plan it based on what works for you and not what wedding magazines tell you are the “hottest honeymoon destinations.”

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