Spring is in the air and perhaps you’re feeling like you’re missing that touch of freshness in your home décor? Well, that extra throw pillow may not be doing the trick for you. How about adding some liveliness to your living space? A great idea for adding extra décor to your home or apartment around springtime would be to create a DIY indoor garden. Not only will it add great positive energy, but it will also fill your home with amazing scents.

Step 1

First decide on how big of an indoor garden is right for your home. They can be anywhere in your house—the TV room, kitchen or even in a bedroom. If you want the garden to be a centerpiece of your living space, maximize its presence by using a large wall that gets lots of glorious sunlight. Want your garden to produce herbs for cooking? Make a hanging garden over your kitchen island.  As they say, measure twice and cut once. You don’t want the garden to be a sprawling jungle, just a feature to add some greenery to your home.

Step 2

Decide what kind of container you want to start growing your plants in. Whether you choose jars attached to the wall or bulbs hanging from the ceiling, you can make it totally your own thing. Creating the background on which your garden resides gives it character and will reflect your personal sensibilities. Play with texture as the garden itself will provide all the color you need.

Step 3

Enjoy the sweet sweet returns on your hard work. The smells, sights, and maybe even tastes of your garden will bring spring’s evergreen qualities into your home. With some upkeep, you’ll be experiencing all your garden has to offer in every season. For extra enjoyment, replant your garden seasonally to experience the unique colors and herbaceous flavors associated with all your favorite times of year. Make sure you keep up with watering!

We would love to see some of your creations! Tag us in your ideas or designs!

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