The 2016 year will be celebrating trends that go back to nature. You’re sure to see metallic notes, jewel tones, and a little pops of colors. Pastel palettes are making a comeback to set the tone for a whimsically inspired wedding.

This year, a popular choice for those lovers of whimsy will be having a neutral color and adding in pastel colors like rose quartz and serenity blue. This color mixture will give guests a relaxing feeling with that pop of blue coming through the pinks. It is like sitting on a cloud with cotton candy in your hand….what could be better!?!


These roses are kissed with water droplets to make it feel like a spring shower just happened inside your ceremony.

Wedding couple hands on flowers

Note the subtlety of this beautiful bouquet, the colors aren’t screaming at you and the real star here is the bride’s shining rose quartz nail design!

Wedding table setting decorated

Adding a small statuette of an angel or a woodland creature will add to the playfulness and whimsical charm. Or even a small special touch added to the napkins.

Valentines Flower Table setting copy space background, selective focus, toning

Expect tablescapes to make use of centerpieces varying in size from small to over the top huge. Bunches of small plants and candles creatively sprinkled about the table play into the feeling of relaxed refinement.

Wedding table setting decorated

Adding a bright green accent will make those pastel colors stand out and leave your guest in awe of their majesty.

Flowers in a vase for the wedding ceremony. Beautiful decoration

I hope that this inspiration post has given you some great ideas for your special day. Look forward to more in the weeks to come. We would love to hear what you think about this in the comments below. What are some ideas you have to add touches of whimsy to your event?

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