A bridal shower is a great way to celebrate the soon to be bride and to build anticipation for the upcoming wedding. Traditionally, female guests of the wedding gather to host a party just for the bride to be. In 2016, things have shifted from the bride to a combined party for the betrothed. Couples are viewing the wedding as not just the bride’s day, but a celebration of the groom as well. With same sex couples being able to consummate marriage, a couple’s shower is more common than the traditional bridal shower.

For this first shower inspiration blog we decided to take an idea that could be perfect for a couple’s party. Enjoy!

If you love wine as much as I do, you know how it helps you relax and can be a great convo starter for your guests. To keep the party light and fun, why not have a wine tasting couple shower?

First, where to have your shower?

Vineyard. Wood wine cellar

Whether you celebrate at a vineyard, banquet hall, or even a wine cellar, corks, grapes, and plump (is this the word you meant?  Maybe plush?) color décor will outline your venue. The tables can be filled with awesome parings such as chocolates, cheeses, and grapes. Your guests will certainly be toasting to your big day with a glass of cabernet sauvignon in one hand and a piece of dark chocolate in the other. We are seeing showers being a more casual family affair so the setting can be intimate or even a long table where everyone is seated together.

Table Setting at a Wedding Shower Bridal Shower table and chairs with fioletovaya and yellow ribbons Salads and empty wine glasses set in shower party

Couples can request on their invitations that guests bring a bottle of wine for the party. Once everyone has arrived with their wine bottles, they are passed around the table and let the fun begin! Couples do not want to bore guests with opening their registry gifts so they instead talk around the table and play party games. Consider games such as Who Am I or dust off some of your favorite drinking games from college.

old wine corks

For dessert, different small bites are a great idea. Finish off the theme with a wine barrel cake.

Wedding shower dessert table with delicious decorated white barrel cake

As a way to say thank you to your guests for coming you could give them a goody bag with all the necessities to enjoy wine drinking. Food items, a corkscrew, and a wine glass charm are a few cute ideas.

Let us know below what you think about this inspiration. Have a shower inspiration? Let us know!


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