For Disney fans getting married in 2016, the highly anticipated Alice Through The Looking Glass hitting theatres in May, will provide ample inspiration. The themed wedding is an opportunity for the happy couple to celebrate their love for one another, in addition, a cultural phenomenon that has left its indelible mark on society. In the upcoming movie, Alice returns to the whimsical world of Wonderland to save the Mad Hatter. This movie’s impending release has inspired Belladeux so much that we are going MAD for clocks, whimsy, tea, you name it and we’re racing away in our minds thinking of ways to incorporate Disney into your wedding! We may even see the white rabbit make an appearance. The only difference is that this wedding will “not be late for a very important date”.  Into the looking glass we go…

Countdown Clocks III

Shrubbery lines the walls all the way around to give the appearance that you’re falling into a hole that seemingly gets smaller and smaller until you’re through and you’ve entered the marvelous Wonderland.

floral arch of roses

On the other side it’s as if you’ve been transported to another place and time that has only existed on Lewis Carroll’s pages or on the big screen. Our ceremony inspiration color scheme is sparkling white.

White wedding chairs set up and petals on green grass before the ceremony

Look—the white rabbit has arrived!

Little boy like White Rabbit


After the ceremony, the fun begins! The Queen of Hearts stopped by and had to paint her roses red.

Table set for wedding or another catered event dinner.

Table set for wedding or another catered event dinner.

Red Rose Bouquet

Even the cake has arrived to the tea party. Little miniature cakes make this light and fun! The day may become night and the sky might turn to the sea, but as the clock strikes heavy there’s all the time in the world for tea at this party!

Tiramisu Cake in a White Chocolate Cup (Alice in Wonderland The

Themed weddings are all the range this 2016. Will you be hopping it on it? Tell us what you think about this in the comments below. What Alice character inspires your wedding theme?

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