Fall is arguably one of the best seasons of the year. With the richly colored turning of the leaves, warm cinnamon air, and ideal weather, a fall wedding or event is definitely something to start planning. Now New Orleans doesn’t really get to experience a fall season with our warm weather, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a good cornucopia of fall treasures. Since autumn is just around the corner we’ve got the upcoming season’s trends to get you inspired!

One of our favorite things about fall is the foliage. Mother nature is in full swing during this time of the year. The shades of the leaves change from bright greens to striking yellows and oranges with rich, deep reds and purples. Whether it’s for a fall wedding or general entertaining, use the natural, earthy backdrop as inspiration! This includes things like apples, pumpkins, straw, and even the leaves themselves. These fall accents will help to create the perfect earthy, sophisticated, and bold autumn aura for your event.


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Keeping with the theme of fall elements in your décor, you can also include the season-inspired accents when accessorizing. From wedding bouquets to hair accessories, fall favorites such as harvest fruits, hay, and again, the leaves themselves,  can add the perfect autumn accents to your dream fall wedding!


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Last, but definitely not least, are the autumn-inspired desserts. Incorporate delicious fall essentials such as caramel apples and s’mores into your entertaining menu. Creating a “make-your own” dessert table is a fun interactive way for your guests to enjoy everyone’s favorite part of any meal. As for the fall wedding cake, try including autumn-inspired fruits and colors, and maybe a hint of cinnamon!


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Do you love fall as much as we do? What’s your favorite part of the autumn season? Let us know in the comments below!

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