If you were given an unlimited budget and the chance to plan the wedding of your dreams, where would your wildest ideas take you? For me, this is an almost unimaginable task! After bouncing between the ideas of a colorful, lively, destination wedding in India or the excitement of tying the knot on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea, I realized I have a tendency to lean toward the extravagant. But hey, given the opportunity to be extravagant and possibly a little crazy has never scared me away, so I’m about to lay out my fantasy wedding and I will be sparing no expense or air mileage points.


Due to my love of travel, there is no way my fantasy wedding wouldn’t be a destination in its own right. I will start by hopping on a plane and flying to the beautiful city of Cinque Terre, Italy. This place is a fantasy in and of itself. During my semester abroad in college, I swore to myself I would come back to this amazing place and share it with the people I love.

Situated on the Italian Riviera coastline, this collection of colorful and rugged villages creates an atmosphere that brings you to a wholly different world. The weather is beautiful; the sea creates a sunset no picture could ever capture, and did I mention Italian food?!


Photo by: Jim Harmer


And if the views of the sea and beautiful cliff-side villages aren’t enough, Cinque Terre is home to many vineyards and century old churches. Perfect for the setting of a romantic getaway and fantasy wedding all in one! The Buranco Vineyard in Monterosso, one of the 5 villages making up Cinque Terre, is always ranked among the top of Italy’s finest wine lists. The vineyard houses a variety of olive trees, grape vines, and lemons to create a magical and rustic setting for any wedding. Within walking distance of the beaches, it is truly the location that has it all.

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Photos by: Ed Peers Photography


With a view like the Italian coastline, my wedding will have to be outdoors. The décor will be inspired by the rustic, colorful, cottages along the ocean. I’ve always been drawn to bright colors and beautiful lighting.  With the sea and the sunset as the backdrop along with the pops of color from the houses, Cinque Terre will create the perfect atmosphere for my fantasy wedding. Along with the natural landscape, I want to illuminate the night as well as bring the background to life with lights of all kinds. As a lover of fun and excitement, sparklers and confetti are going to be a must-have.


Photo by: Studio Impressions


Photo by: Docuvitae


When it comes to food, Italy is the place to be. Pizza, pasta, wine, and you obviously can’t forget about the gelato. In the spirit of Italy and my own sweet tooth, my wedding will include a gelato bar with a full spread of topping choices. Along with this, I have always dreamed of a huge cake! This probably also has something to do with my love for all things sweet and colorful. The food will be fun, indulgent, and up to Italian-coast par.

Topping bars of any kind have always been a part of my parties and gatherings. An Italian pizza and toppings bar is definitely going on that list. My goal for the food portion of my wedding is “fun-gourmet”. Just because something is high quality and delicious does not mean it shouldn’t be fun and even somewhat interactive!


Photo by: Polka Dot Bride


Music is an extremely important part of my life, and therefore a surprise guest appearance by my absolute favorite artist would be the icing on the (wedding) cake! My favorite singer of all time is the one and only Christina Aguilera. Her soulful, powerful, and extravagant presence of musical flavor will add the perfect touch to my dream wedding.

Let us know what your fantasy wedding would entail. Would you jet off to Italy as well? Comment below!

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