With its beautiful and tropical weather, sandy beaches, and countless seaside resorts, Palm Beach, Florida is not only a hotspot for vacationers, but also for weddings. Chic, exquisite mansions, restaurants, and hotels create the perfect location for a wedding on the beach in front of a setting sun. If you’re looking for some sophisticated and stylish beach wedding inspiration, we’ve got it all here for you!

Starting with décor, we’re going for ocean accents such as seashells, starfish, driftwood, palm leaves, or other things you can find along the beach itself. Whether it’s incorporated in the invitations, bridal accessories, or wedding arch, this will help the vibe of your wedding keep in touch with its natural surroundings.


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In keeping with the beach relaxation vibe, loungewear and ground pillows make a unique and interesting alternative to your traditional table and chairs. You can choose whether to keep the color scheme neutral or to add pops of color such as coral or aqua blue like the landscape.



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Beach lounge inspiration

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As for actual “beach wear”, a new stylish trend in beach weddings is the barefoot sandal. It’s no secret that shoes and sand don’t get along, especially heels and sand. The barefoot sandal is a trendy and comfortable alternative to heels for your beach wedding! Along the same lines, channel your inner mermaid with other beach wedding accessories such as a netted veil or seashell hair accents. Check out these beautiful barefoot sandal options and other wedding accessories below!

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We hope this Palm Beach inspiration helped to give you some fun ideas for your own beach wedding or summer vacation! Let us know if you’re going anyway tropical or thinking of planning a destination beach wedding below!

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