Thank you cards may be the last thing on your mind after the thrill of the wedding. You’ve returned home from the honeymoon and sitting down to give yourself a bad hand cramp doesn’t sound fun at all! They sit on your dining room table for months waiting for the pen to touch the paper. Don’t let these notes haunt you, instead be inspired by them. Send those who supported your day these inspirational notes of appreciation from

Add your favorite picture of you and your sweetheart from the big day on the card. This way each time you complete a thank you you’ll get to see that special moment again!


Or use the theme from your wedding day in your thank you notes. Your friends and family will remember just how much fun they had at your wedding.


A cool new idea, especially with honeymoon registries becoming popular recently, is to send a picture of you and your sweetheart doing the special activity that the guest gave to you. That will make each thank you note personalized and show how much fun you are having on your trip.

Let us know know what special ideas you have for your thank you notes in the comments below!


Happy planning!

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