Brides and grooms who are getting married in the upcoming years are searching for ways to make their events one of a kind. Each detail must have a sense of flare and personality that represents the couple. It seems that traditional wedding details are being diminished and nontraditional aspects are making an uprising.  What about the wedding rings? Do you stay with traditional bands or select nontraditional designs, metals, and colors?

Well my answer is to do what you feel is best. The ring is a circle and a symbol of eternity and never ending love. As long as your bands have meaning to you and your spouse, there really are no rules. Your love is different from the next two people reading this blog. Yes, gold bands are always a good choice, but with new metals being introduced you can venture away from those traditional metals and go with more unique ideas. Color, shape, size, and special personalization can all be customized to fit your needs. It all comes down to what describes you and your partner the best. Below is some inspiration for unique his and her wedding bands with a twist.

Rose gold gives the ring an antique look.

Rose gold his and her wedding bands

Add texture onto the ring to hide lasting scrapes and marks. After all, you’re wearing this band for the rest of your life.

Sliver Textured his and her wedding band Unique-Wedding-Band-Sets-His-and-Hers

Black rings are becoming increasing popular. They’re sleek and go with any outfit you wear.

Black-Tungsten-Wedding-Band-Sets-His-and-Hers His-and-Hers-Black-Wedding-Bands

Adding your new spouse’s EKG tracing will let you carry a little bit of their heart with you every day.


Add some colors into it. A metallic sheen is unique and subtle as an accent.

Matching-Tungsten-Wedding-Bands-His-Hers Blue diamond his and hers wedding band 6b126e6119232f7114d0f1f6a5ee9287 Unique-His-and-Hers-Wedding-Bands

For the star wars fans.

Star wars his and hers lightsaber wedding bands

Or you could have your ring forever etched into your skin as Jay Z and Beyoncé famously did.


Let us know what rings style you enjoy below!

Happy Planning!

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