When brides are thinking of their big day, they are all about the décor. Regardless of your preference for outdoor or indoor, modern or rustic, the way you light your venue will make a world of difference. Whether it is natural light, up lighting, or chandeliers, your lighting will set the mood for your wedding. From simple candles placed on the tables to candles that seem to be floating in air, light can make your wedding go from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are the Bella Krewe’s inspirations for the best ways to use light in bringing your wedding to life.

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Nothing makes a grand staircase even more enchanting the way candles do. Go with a variety of sizes and positions to accentuate the staircase’s length. Lighting candles upstairs and hanging lanterns on trees will be a great backdrop to where your “I Dos” take place.


The candles and chandelier gives this wedding a romantic and timeless felling. The chandelier here provides contrast to the exposed brick venue and the candles make the table an intimate place to gather.

latrobes copy 2

Lighting that floats in the air….how breathtaking. Lights hanging from the rafters give the feeling that fireflies are attending your wedding!

light 5

Here’s a venue that is made for glamour and extravagance. Adding some bling around the candles makes the room look bigger and accentuates the grand scale of your wedding.

Wedding decorations with lotus lamp, selective focus.

Lighting can take on many shapes and sizes. Your outdoor venue shouldn’t be lit by a big mobile light powered by gas generators—the lighting should reflect the nature and beauty of your setting.  In the above photo the lights literally take on the form of the venue and add to the ambience rather than distracting from it.

Bride and groom surrounded by turkish lamps

How stunning?!?  Sometimes the occasion calls for a saturation of lights that are the center of attention for your venue. Even if one of your guests attends another wedding at your venue some day, it will be nothing like your unique wedding because your lighting was unrepeatable.

Party Lights

Lighting can give that rustic feeling…

Boules chinoises

Or even take the color scheme up on the celling.

Light 10

Or your guests can help make lighting happen!  Making your wedding interactive is a great way to incorporate unique lighting.

So as you can see, lighting is your final touches to your ceremony or reception. Share what you think in the comment section below. If you have cool lighting ideas, tag @belladeuxevents and we will feature it on our social media sites.

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