It’s Mardi Gras time, and for the people of New Orleans, that means the greatest holiday season is finally upon us. But the fun doesn’t have to end on Fat Tuesday-the traditions of Mardi Gras can make for an incredible and unforgettable wedding any time of year. Here are a few ways you can incorporate the spirit of the season into your special day.

Color Palette

The infamous purple, green, and gold combination might not necessarily be your ideal wedding color scheme, but there are ways to incorporate these colors in an elegant yet fun way. Think beyond generic purples and greens and search for different hues and shades of these colors, such as emerald green, moss, lavender, or violet. Deep jewel tones and pastels look fabulous with metallics. Gold is a complimentary color for these shades and can add an element of warmth.

Second Lines and Brass Bands

Second line your way into newlywed bliss with all of your loved ones! Hire a traditional brass band to serenade you in the streets as you strut your stuff, or Mardi Gras mambo right in the reception hall. This is one of the best ways to give your wedding that Mardi Gras feeling any time of the year!

Lagniappes (Favors)

To a local, Mardi Gras beads are just another trinket, but to tourists they’re a national treasure. If you’re planning a destination wedding in New Orleans or have many out of town guests, personalized Mardi Gras beads are a fun wedding favor. Guests can take them home as keepsakes or toss them your way as you make your big exit. Personalized handkerchiefs are another great option and are fun additions to swing in the air during your second line.

King Cake Station

No Mardi Gras inspired wedding would be complete without that sweet, tri-color, sugar-dusted doughy treat: king cake. You can never go wrong with the traditional flavor, but why stop there? Set up a grandiose spread with different flavors. From salted caramel pecan to fruit filled cakes, these deserts are sure to please your patrons’ palettes. Make it even more fun by giving out a prize to the person who gets the baby!

Did you like any of these ideas for a Mardi Gras inspired wedding? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Have a happy Mardi Gras!


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