The BellaKrewe want to take a moment to honor those who have laid down their lives in service of our country. Without them we wouldn’t be able to live in such a great country!

The Memorial Day weekend has come to symbolize the beginning of summer and conjures up feelings of Americana and all the summer family traditions we hold dear. If you’re using this three-day weekend to party, gather your friends and family members to swim, eat, and celebrate this country we call home.  Here are our top recommendations for a memorable party!

Let’s start with the refreshments. You don’t want to be the one who has to stand around with a pitcher of lemonade and be on the ready when someone beckons for it. Setting up a beverage table so that everyone is able to help themselves will help you out while you are cooking the food. It’s also another great opportunity to add some summer rustic décor to your party.

Refreshment area Refreshment Area img66o

Photos by: Home made in heaven 

Vintage inspired refreshment area

Photo by: French Larkspur

What food should you serve on Memorial Day? Yes, when we think of summertime food we usually think of cheeseburgers, BBQ, and French fries. Without a doubt these are my favorite summertime foods, however how about serving your guests those foods in an interesting way or serving them a more refined way?

French Fries boat display Red, white, and blue table set up

Photos from: Home made in heaven

Star shaped grilled cheese and tomato soup

Food set up for a red, white, and blue party Salad

Photos from: The wedding chicks

Don’t forget about dessert.

Fruit cocktail Strawberry Rhubarb pie

Photos by: French Larkspur

Donut dessert table fruit parfait

Photos from: The wedding chicks 

Now for the final touches. Making a comfortable area for your guests to lounge in or enjoy their food is crucial. Grand lounge areas and centerpieces with matching dishware in red, white and blue touches will tie together the Memorial Day theme.


Photo from: The wedding chicks

Red, white, and blue tablescape

Photo from: House made in heaven


Photo from: Colin Cowie Weddings

Red, white, and blue lounge Red white and blue lounge Red white and blue lounge

Photos from: House made in heaven

We hope you enjoyed our Memorial Day inspired blog and that it sparks some new ideas for your holiday party. Show us your holiday ideas below in the comment section!

Happy Holiday Planning!

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