As I hope you are aware, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. Our brides’ and grooms’ mothers are their number one fans and supporters. They changed our diapers from birth and watched us grow up to our more mature self. They are our shoulder to cry on and the ones that make everything bad suddenly melt away.

As wedding planners, our appreciation of those mothers is best experienced when they get to see the child that they raised in a wedding gown or a tuxedo just before the ceremony begins. It’s such a sweet moment for anyone who’s lucky enough to witness it, and when the photographer catches it, they create a tender keepsake that will always be cherished.

Coleena and her mother sharing a sweet embrace. Photo done by Jeff Pounds Photography.

Coleena and her mother sharing a sweet embrace. Photo done by Jeff Pounds Photography.

Mothers are often very involved with their children’s weddings. It may not be the planning process, but definitely on the day of the wedding. They can always be found lending a set of hands to make sure all the little details are attended to and that their child is enjoying the best day of their life. Taking care of the little ones, making sure everything thing is in order before the ceremony, and running around to put out fires are just some of their assumed duties. Aside from the wedding celebrants, they are the MVP of wedding guests.

Groom before wedding

On the day of the wedding, mothers amaze me by how strong they are able to hold it together when it is time to let their baby walk down the aisle. I believe they keep themselves busy so they don’t fail their children on their special day. Mothers’ roles have even expanded as sometimes they are selected to accompany Dad as he walks the bride down the aisle. It is nice to see that non-traditional aspect catch on because Mom is one of the biggest reasons that we are proud to get married.

We honor all these great women this weekend! Make sure you make your mother’s day fabulous! Remember every day is Mother’s day!

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