The new year is officially in full swing, and for those of you planning a wedding, the start of 2017 may feel a little hectic. Making resolutions and setting goals can make all the difference between you being a “bridezilla” or a “bridechilla.”  Here are a few simple resolutions you can try to help ensure wedding planning doesn’t get the best of you.

Make the Guest List a Priority

It’s easy to let this one slip by in the midst of all the other plans and decisions you have to make, but if you plan your guest list early, you’ll have a better idea of what you can afford and for how many people. This can be a major influence on having the wedding you want rather than having the wedding you have to have because of an inflated guest list.

Make a Budget and Stick to It

It’s easier said than done, but being budget minded about your wedding can keep you from becoming a broke bride. Give yourself more than one option in each category, but be realistic about what you can afford. Keep track of all expenses and receipts along the way, but most importantly, keep the bottom line in perspective so you can see where you are at budget-wise at all times.

Hire Help

With new DIY projects popping up every second on Pinterest, it may be tempting to try and take on every wedding planning task yourself, but that could lead to unnecessary stress and overwhelming moments. Don’t try to take on planning your big day all on your own. Hire a wedding planner and other vendors you can trust to help relieve the stress of planning so you can actually enjoy the process.

Get Organized, Stay Organized

Even if you do decide to hire a planner, that doesn’t mean you’re free from the decision making process. A planner’s main purpose is to bring to life what you envision for your wedding. Knowing what you want will help planners and vendors deliver satisfaction. Be involved in the planning process. Make to-do lists or get a wedding planning binder. Map out timelines for when things need to be done, such as: signing contracts, paying deposits, booking hotel rooms, etc.

Are these tips you think you will find helpful in your wedding planning process? Share your comments with us below and let us know. Happy New Year and Happy Planning!


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