Brides and Grooms cannot wait to walk down the aisle to see each other. There’s so much build up from when guests filter into the venue, the music begins playing, and finally the the processional begins. Parents, bridesmaids, and groomsmen all begin their walk to witness their friends tie the knot. But is there something missing from all of this?  Or rather, someone? It’s your pet, of course! That furry family member just might belong in the processional.

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More and more, brides and grooms give honor to their 4 legged pals. They are escorted down the aisle by the maid of honor or even escorted in a wagon or basket. Admit it, it’s cute just to think about! Some may consider their dog, cat, rabbit, (they’re capybara?) to be the equivalent of their child. We have even seen our country brides ride their stallions in before they walk down the aisle.

Beautiful bride on a white horseIt is a great feeling to have your whole family present at the wedding, but you should also consider that you will definitely need to plan your pet’s entrance so there are no accidents down the aisle.  You don’t want to have to hop over a pile of something, do you? When people are sharing photos of your wedding you’d rather have them posting with smiling emojis or the puppy, not the curly and brown one if you catch my meaning.

  1. Make sure you designate someone who is familiar with your pet and animal friendly to walk them down the aisle. You do not want someone who has never taken care of a pet. Your pet may control the escort and not the other way around.bride and groom with dog Husky
  2. Make sure whoever is in charge of your furry friend has them go ‘potty’ before their big moment.
  3. If they start getting restless during the ceremony you may want someone on deck to be able to escort your pet to another area.Young woman bride smiling and holding two cute rabbits over park
  4. You will also need to consider where your pet will have to go after the ceremony. Now’s the time to be in the moment, not for worrying about how your pet is doing. Not everyone that you invited will be pet friendly and they may not like a dog or a cat roaming through the reception. Some may even be allergic or the venue may not allow them if the event area isn’t outside. So, have a good plan for housing your pet during the reception. Perhaps a good friend or neighbor might run your pet home for you.  Or a local pet store may be able to send someone over to watch your pet during the remainder of the evening in a previously designated space.  The important thing is to hammer out these details long before they come up.

Make sure if you decide to have your special furry family member in the wedding that you have all aspects covered.

Wedding Bouquet and a cute cat.

Do you have a story to share of a wedding with a pet in it? Share it in the comments below!

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