A couple of weeks ago, Pantone announced their 2017 top colors for spring. These colors are reminiscent of the nature that surrounds us. We are going to take the next couple of weeks to go over the colors and what they inspire in us.


Up first is the Pantone color of Niagara. Based on the falls that fill us with awe (Niagara Falls that is), this hue is a classic light denim blue that speaks to desire and relaxation.


Photo from: https://www.pinterest.com/


Photo by: http://katherinerosephotography.com/

Bridesmaids Dresses Niagara

Photo from: http://www.kennedyblue.com/

Nuage Linen

Photos from: http://nuagedesigns.com/

Did this color get you into the mood for spring? We hope that you feel inspired if your event is coming up soon. Check out the rest of our pantone inspirations here.

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