Having those nearest and dearest to you present on your wedding day makes the occasion so special. But these days, life has us spread out all over the world, which may mean many of your friends and family members will be hopping on planes and trains to be at your wedding. If you will be hosting any out of town guests, here are some tips on how to prepare a comfortable guest room to make them feel right at home.

Prepare a Welcome Basket


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One of the best experiences I’ve ever had as a guest in someone’s home was when I walked in the room to see not only a well-made bed, but a welcome basket of treats as well! Know your guests’ tastes. Find out what they like. Chocolates, trail mixes, and fruit are always a good choice. Have a few bottles of water for when they get thirsty. Lay out a few of their favorite magazines or books. Bath essentials and other travel size toiletries are always a plus. A small bottle of bubble bath can go a long way for the jet-lagged!

Room Essentials


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Make sure your guest room has an extra pair of clean sheets, a few extra pillows and blankets. Check all the bulbs in any lamps, the bathroom, and ceiling fan to make sure everything is in working condition. Keep a few extra sets of bath towels in the linen closet or somewhere that your guests can easily access. Make sure all remotes have batteries and your TV and internet connections are in working order. Leave a little welcome message on the dresser or nightstand with your wi-fi password so your guests can log into their electronic devices with ease.

Make an Itinerary and “Things to Do” List


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Chances are you will be extremely busy with getting married and all! You probably won’t be available as much as you’d like to entertain your guests. They will most likely have some down time, and might not know all the fun things they can do around town. Make an itinerary of the dates, times, and places you will be so your guests know when you’ll be unavailable or need to get in touch with you in case of an emergency. Next, compile a list of any places or restaurants you think your guests will enjoy. Create a section for great coffee shops, museums, or any interesting photo-worthy sites.

We hope some of these tips takes the stress out of preparing a cozy guest room. Have any ideas of your own? Share them below in our comments section.


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