Every bride has heard of the tradition of wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Brides take pride in checking each one off the list as it is fulfilled. Today, we are going to focus on the “something blue.” The color blue represents purity, love and fidelity.  Here are a few unique trends to make the blue pop on your wedding day!

It’s all about the shoes

Funny wedding shoes and socks

Some brides and grooms sneak blue into their wedding attire. Literally, they have blue sneakers! Brides will wear heels that are all blue or will write “I Do” in blue on the bottom of their shoes. You might even see a few grooms wearing blue laces on their shoes. Some bridal couples will ask their wedding party to sign the bottom of their shoes with blue sharpies to express their shared love with the couple.

You may actually not even see it

Bridal Fashion

Many brides will hide their something blue under their garments. A bra, a garter, or even their underwear will have a hidden accent of blue. Other brides have done a boudoir photo shoot with some blue lace to surprise their grooms for the big day. We have seen some couples use temporary tattoos or even real ones to keep their something blue lasting longer. A couple could cross off their something blue by writing a special note or their vows to each other in blue ink. For a truly sublte approach, wearing Oscar De La Renta’s “Something Blue” down the aisle will meet the criteria and let you keep to your color scheme.

In your wedding attire


Some brides and even their grooms are making the something blue a bigger statement now. Brides will have a layer of blue in their dress or will have their new name or wedding date sewn into the dress in blue. For the guys, you may see it in their cuff links or on their tie clips. They may wear blue socks or may have something engraved onto their handkerchief in blue. You can have a blue zippers or a button take on the blue challenge if you want to wear your blue where it can’t be seen.


Beautiful gold ring and earrings with blue gemstones on black background.

Jewelry is a classic place that someone can show off their something blue. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets give you the ability to choose anywhere from a subtle nod to the tradition all the way to being decked out in all blue jewelry. Blue jewelry can also be handed down from an elder so it can serve as the something borrowed too! You may see blue in a bride’s head piece or even on her bouquet somewhere.

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