Or at least they shouldn’t be. Let’s be honest, New Orleans is a sub-tropical environment. Translation—it rains a lot here, specifically during the times of year that are best temperature-wise for outdoor weddings. And since we do have such a mild climate, our greenery blooms almost year round and having a garden wedding is very appealing. But tents should not be used as just a rain plan.


I have a policy in place for outdoor weddings that is essentially a tent waiver. I highly recommend my brides get a tent for anything held outdoors. I have literally been blamed for the weather when a bride held her wedding at a venue that had no alternative location in case of rain. Little did I know how much power I have over Mother Nature. Had I known that earlier in life, my career track may have gone a different direction.  So now I require that my clients book a tent or sign the waiver so I cannot be blamed.


But a tent shouldn’t be a rain plan at all. A tent creates a magical environment that didn’t exist that morning. You can create a beautiful setting that is 100% your own. With the right tent company, you can even create side rooms with fun themes for your guests, such as a cigar and whiskey lounge, or even a playroom for the young guests. With a clear top, windowed sides, or even open air sides, you can still feel like you are outdoors while staying dry.


The main point here is if you are doing an outdoor wedding or event, then go ahead and design it around a tent, rather than treating a tent as a “just in case” plan.


All photos supplied by our friends at Mahaffey Tent / Gulfcoast Tent Rental. Check out their website for extra inspiration!


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