The wedding registry… it’s basically the creation of a wish list for your new married life! Although it can be extremely exciting and should be seemingly straightforward, when you begin thinking about where and what to register for, this task can quickly become overwhelming. To simplify the process we’ve got some tips and registry recommendations for you!

With the Internet becoming an increasingly dominant part of our lives, there is no question that what used to be an “in-person” task has been transformed into an online activity. While physically going to a store to register in-person is still an option, another door to the registry world has been opened. Now you can create online registries at the stores of your choice. It’s simple and helps reduce the stress and time that running around registering in-person might create.

Your relatives and guests can easily access your registry via the Internet and make their purchases online or at the store. In addition, there are websites created specifically to organize and simplify the wedding registering process. Some of these websites are a little on the less traditional side such as This website allows couples to “register” for activities and special excursions to experience together on their honeymoon. Other  innovative wedding registry websites help to create acceptable and polite ways to receive cash gifts from guests for potential home improvements, future vacations, or other non-traditional wedding items.


  • Register with 2-5 stores—options are important, but too many can be overwhelming
  • Choose items ranging in price – your guests may have different spending ability and may also want to mix it up by gifting you with a few small items in addition to a larger item.
  • Combine your traditional and non-traditional registry – don’t be afraid to register at both traditional registry stores and new and less traditional options. Variety is your friend!
  • Spread the word & explain the concept – assuming some of your wedding guests might not fully understand the concept of an online registry or honeymoon fund, it’s important to include on your wedding website a description of what you intend to do with this money and how the registry fund works.



Traditional Options


If you’re looking for a traditional, luxurious kitchenware option for your wedding registry, this is the place. A master chef’s dream world, if cooking is important to you and your future spouse make sure to take a look at the Williams-Sonoma registry. This store also has items outside of the cooking genre so be sure to check it out. Williams- Sonoma

-Kate Spade

Kate Spade creates items that are extremely appealing to the eye, with their fun colors and classy flare. This registry option is a cool alternative to the more traditional table settings, while still maintaining a sense of elegance and style.


Dickinson Large Pendant $4,200


If you are searching for fine crystal, whether it be jewelry, lighting, or dining ware this store has all of the above.  Possessing a level of high quality and striking presentation, creating a registry from Baccarat will definitely not disappoint.


Miles Nuits- Color set of 4 -$1,040.00

Non -Traditional Options

As mentioned above, this registry website allows wedding guests to pitch in on the newlywed’s dream honeymoon. This can include specific activities, experiences, or excursions from horseback riding on the beaches of Fiji to skydiving amongst the Swiss Alps! The bride and groom can use this as a method to indulge in a unique, personal, and unforgettable gift.

Castaway Island

-Feather the Nest

These days couples either live together or on their own for a while before saying “I do”. Therefore the need for everyday housing items such as appliances or kitchenware is less necessary than in the past. Feather the Nest is a website that allows for broad gifting options to contribute to the couple’s home, such as gifting towards an outdoor pool or kitchen renovation fund.

-A&G Merch

This Brooklyn-based home-furnishings store is full of a modern and trendy selection of items. When making gift decisions for the couple, guests have the option of pitching in toward more expensive gifts, allowing for higher budget items and endless possibilities. A-G-Merch

Geometric Ceiling Lamp $495

Geometric Ceiling Lamp $495


If you aren’t sure where to register, Zola pretty much has it all. This website includes both traditional and non-traditional items, allowing guests to choose from a wide variety of options. This type of registry allows you to create your own categories, while also choosing from your favorite stores. You can register for experiences, monthly wine subscriptions, vacations, or create your own unique fund specific to a gift of your own imagination. Basically, this is the one-stop shopping experience for the registry world. Zola puts it all in one place, allowing the combination of all your favorite stores as well as the addition of unique and personal gifts. As it states on the website, “simple for you, simple for your guests”.

What are your thoughts on traditional versus non-traditional wedding registry options? Let us know in the comment section below!

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