Trends come and go but sustainability and our environment stand the test of time. Here are a few suggestions that will be sure to make you a greener gourmet before you know it.  Greenery is one of Pantone’s 2017 Spring colors after all!

We love our appliances, but do they love us back?

We couldn’t live without our dishwashers, refrigerators, and stoves. The bad news is many of them use an unnecessary amount of power, burning not only energy but giant holes in your wallet. The good news is energy- efficiency upgrades are becoming widely available. When choosing your next big purchase, look for Energy Star appliances and expect to save a pretty penny in the long run (See exactly how much at

Buy Local

We tend to purchase based on convenience. Lucky for us, local farms are about as convenient as it gets! Why buy food hauled thousands of miles when we could get the same food from farmers in our own community? Eliminate pollution caused by transportation and preserve freshness by lessening the miles from farm to table

Goodbye waste, Hello sustainability

There are various small ways to cut out waste that can make a big difference. Avoid excessive packaging by buying in bulk and bringing your own bags when you shop. You can also cook in large quantities to reduce use of appliances and your time! Lastly, make a few pit stops before you throw anything in the trash. Try to repurpose everything you can such as jars, crates, and even what you may consider garbage. You can compost uncooked organic waste and recycle appropriate materials.

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