A Letter from the Founder-

Many weddings include spectacular floral designs and while we are definitely lovers of over the top flowers, not everyone wants flowers at their wedding. There may be several reasons for this but let’s discuss some of the reasons clients may chose to forget the flowers.

Bride holding Brooch Bouquet at the wedding ceremony in church


Some people are allergic to everything that grows outside. Often a bride or groom will suffer through with allergy pills because tradition says you should have flowers, but who wants to feel drowsy on their wedding day? Well I am here to tell you that you don’t need them at all! Many companies can create amazing designs without touching a single petal. Candles and feathers make for great tablescapes. Worried about what to do with a bouquet? Try a cluster of brooches or feathers. Both can be quite stunning.

wooden arch at wedding ceremony


Flowers are a living thing so depending on what you are looking for, the cost could be very high.  If you want a specific flower that is not in season it will need to be shipped in from a grower, potentially from another part of the world. So how do you lower the cost? Ask your florist for local, in-season flowers. A recent client was able to save money by using standard roses instead of garden roses.

bride holding fan of peacock feathers


As a lover of over the top florals at a wedding, I would never suggest that flowers are a “waste” but what do you do with them the day after? If possible, we suggest asking your planner to source a nursing home, hospital, or even a Battered Women’s Shelter. You may not be able to take all of your flowers with you on the honeymoon, but someone in need may have a pleasant afternoon when one of your centerpieces arrives.

Candles and chairs for the wedding ceremony

So what are the alternatives?

Lighting is your best friend when you don’t want to use a lot of flowers. Candles, candles, and more candles. Cluster your reception tables with mixed media vases or stick to one color scheme. Go tall and short, hang them from the trees, or simply scatter them all over the venue. Get creative with chandeliers and uplighting as well. You can literally change the color of your entire reception with a few well placed uplights. Yes lighting can fall a little short if you have a daytime wedding, but if you pick a venue that already has lush flowers or greenery you won’t miss them at all.

succulent plants

You can use succulents or plants on your tables and give away the centerpieces to your guests. They can take them home and plant them or leave them in their containers (check with your florist before giving their vessels away!)

decorated wedding table candles

And finally, as New Orleans girls, we are no strangers to using feathers and bling for centerpieces. When in doubt, glitter and feather it!

Happy Wedding Planning,

Kim Sayatovic

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