It’s here! The event we have been waiting for, Engage Summit 2016! We are excited to bring you all the details we will be experiencing during the summit. Make sure to follow it all here and on all our social media platforms.

Packing for our Trip


The Engage Summit was nice enough to send us a day by day breakdown of suggested outfits which of course means a different pair of shoes for each day. It’s no secret the BellaKrewe loves shoes to begin with, but our suggestion is to pack a separate suitcase just for them. If you fly first class or business class you usually get two checked bags so go ahead and use one of those bags for your shoes!

To the Airport

Since we are going to Engage, we have to travel in style! To get us to Louis Armstrong Airport we contacted one of our trusty vendors to get us there in a timely but fashionable manor. We called our friends Lloyd and Melissa Runyan over at Riverbend Charters to give us a lift to the airport. They sent over one of their luxury SUVs and 15 minutes before pickup time, the SUV arrived in pristine condition from grill to trunk. The chauffer was professionally dressed and the interior was spotless and fresh. With this ride, there were no worries about getting to the airport on time. If you ever have guests coming in to New Orleans, check out Riverbend Charters. They are professional and super friendly!

Delta First Class

Nothing says luxury living like flying first class! Since we were attending a luxury summit we opted to upgrade ourselves to first class for both legs of the trip. Flying first class has it privileges for sure. One of the biggest perks is the free checked bags that we mentioned earlier, making sure that no shoe was left behind! The free champagne and extra legroom don’t hurt either!

Arrival at our Destination

We finally arrived at Palm Beach International Airport, and yes it is the “Best of Everything”. No wonder this airport is voted the third best airport in the U.S! It is clean, welcoming, and a preview of what you’ll encounter as a visitor to Palm Beach. They have plenty of restaurants, shopping, and spas. They even have a putting green! With the grand windows that stood tall over the paradise awaiting us, we could visualize our exciting week before us.


History of Palm Beach

Palm Beach is not only a beautiful place; it has a lot of history as well. It all started in 1872 when the first pioneers came to the shores of Florida. It didn’t get the name of Palm Beach until 1878 when the ship “Providenci” washed up on shore. The earlier settlers wasted no time salvaging what they could from the ship, which included palm coconuts. They grew them on the non-native soil of Florida and after more than 100 years later, Palm Beach has grown into a community known for its world-class beauty, quality of life, and small-town character. The town has award winning golf, tennis and beaches. It is truly is a tropical playground.

Have you ever been to Palm Beach? What was your favorite part? Let us know below.

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