Those who know me know that I am the type of person that is an old soul. Lace, faded styles from past eras… I love it all. I am also the type of person that loves different and unique. Seeing the same thing over and over again gets tiresome. My fiancé is the same way as I am. As we are recently engaged, Save the Dates have become a very important subject for my fiancé and me. Since our families are spread out all across the country, we needed a way to let our families know about the celebration of the century. So how do we capture our sense of style even for the Save the Date?


Save the Dates are a taste of what is to come for an epic and most memorable night. 6 months before the big day it’s very important to send out save the dates so your friends and families can get excited and start thinking about how they will arrange for coming to your wedding. Are you tired of sending the same card stock? Well here are a couple of unique options for your Save the Date!

A common save the date is the refrigerator magnet. It is the most convenient for their guests. Every time they reach into the refrigerator they are reminded of your wedding. A lot of couples choose their engagement pictures as the focal point on the card or perhaps a cute little poem. Whatever represents the couple the best should be on your Save the Date.

A new trend I have been seeing is couples using real wood Save the Dates. Whether it is a wooden card, or a pencil to “pencil in the date”, this rustic idea is totally cute and different.


To give your guests a retro feeling, you could send your guest a tape cassette or a mini record. You could record all the information and it’s as if you are personally asking your guests to attend your wedding. Or you could have your favorite music on the recording and then have all your information on the front cover.

old cassette with love songs

In 2016, how could social media not be a huge influence on your wedding? You could Instagram, Facebook, tweet, or pin your save the date. Come up with a cute hashtag that you will use throughout the celebration and tag your friends and family. If you choose social media invites, I would also have a physical Save the Date that would go out to those who are not tech savvy.

Save the date

My fiancé and I did a Save the Date video. This unique route of sharing your date is a great way of standing out and showing your guests how much effort you’re putting into your big day. I met Darren from VIP Video at a bridal show and he was offering a free save the date video for an auction. I luckily won it! During the brainstorming phase, Darren Facetimed us and we explained our personalities, when we were having our wedding, and how we just wanted something different that would still reflect our sensibilities. We still sent out physical save the date magnets with a still from the video and directed our guests to The Knot where a link to our video is.  Darren came up with an incredible video! Check it out below and let us know what you think of this idea!


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