Halloween has rapidly become one of America’s favorite holidays, and if you love the 31st, what better way to celebrate than to host a costume party?  Here are some great ideas to make your Halloween party spooky and memorable!

Sound Design: Any fan of the macabre knows that it’s not the jump scares, it’s not the shrieks and screams, and it’s not the gratuitous gore that makes horror so effective.  It’s the quiet, subtle atmospheric noises that eat away at your sanity and stick around long after you’ve left the movie theater that keeps you coming back for more.  If you’re going to host a scary party, make the most of your budget and rent speakers to fill your venue with those gnawing sounds that make your skin crawl and your hair stand on end.  You can find lots of scary atmospheric music on Youtube to pump up the scare factor!

Makeup Artist: Sure, your guests are going to arrive in costumes. But to add the finishing touches, hire a professional makeup artist to complete everyone’s look.  Even if your guests skimp on their costumes, makeup can make all the difference in the world and add realism to your party.  A scar here, a bloody trail there, and suddenly your party is talk of the town.

Spooky Cocktails: Thematic cocktails are another opportunity to up the wow factor at your party, and nothing adds ambience to an All Hallow’s Eve dinner like smoke cascading down across the table.  An impressive way to add smoke is by serving a specialty cocktail with dry ice bubbling CO2 rising through your glass.  Of course, practice caution when handling dry ice, especially in a drink, as you can harm yourself before you know it!  Alternatively, you can line the inside of your martini glasses with a bright red syrup to mimic blood.  If you want to serve wine, scary sangria stays cool with fruit juice frozen into skull and crossbones molds.

What are you excited to try out for this Halloween? Share it with us in the comments below!

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