It’s about two weeks before your event and that small little word creeps into your mind…tips. Tipping is not required but is of course appreciated in the events industry. There is a lot that happens behind closed doors that the customer doesn’t see and a little bit of love from the clients goes a long way. So, who do you have to tip, and what vendors have gratuity already included?

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Like we said before, it is not required to tip but each vendor is different. Belladeux’s clients get a spreadsheet leading up to the wedding with what is an appropriate tip for each vendor. Since we are in a service industry, you are going to be looking at mostly 15- 20% tips. We have had clients give out personal gifts before such as a gift card to a restaurant. It is totally your choice.

Your caterer and venue services usually have their gratuity already included in your quoted pricing. But does it cover it all? Are the restroom, valet, waitstaff, and coat check attendants included? These are some valuable questions to ask of the venue and catering managers.

To help keep some of the costs in check, confer with your venue to see if they will allow tip jars for bartenders or attendants. This way your guests can lighten your gratuity burden.

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Many clients wonder when and how are the appropriate ways to hand out gratuity. A tip should be thanks for a job well done, not incentive to provide a good experience. Therefore, tips are expected at the end of the event and not before. Secondly, it is best to have your tips ready to go in labeled envelopes to be both discrete and to avoid confusion about which tips are for which vendors.

Let us know below if you found this blog helpful. We would love to hear if you have a specific question about tipping in the comments section below.



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