You need to know how to multitask if you want to be a master event planner. The job of picking the right event venue is one of the things you need to do. More than a third of your budget will go towards booking an event venue. As a result, you must meticulously search for an event venue. There are many things that you will be looking for during your search. These things include;

  1. Begin Early

It’s a big mistake to start searching for an event venue with only a few weeks left until the event date. Generally, the process of searching for an event venue should begin about two months in advance. If you start two months earlier, you will be able to go through several options and evaluate many event sites.

  1. Put the Audience First

It would help if you showed appreciation and care for your audience. Even when you are organizing a trade show, banquet, or conference, it is key that the selected venue meets your potential audience’s preferences.

To that end, you must consider accessibility and amenities for individuals living with special needs. Everybody should have easy access to the various amenities within the venue. Therefore, it is essential to learn everything you can about the audience.

  1. Examine Several Venue Locations

Most of your time will be spent checking each venue within your area. You will need to create a checklist to match your locations against. In addition to the common venue locations, you can extend your search to non-traditional venues such as art galleries and libraries.

  1. Consider the Geography

Geography may have been one of the things you considered when planning the event, but you need to look at it closely again. The main thing you have to consider is how your attendees will access the venue. It will be a big mistake to select a venue which is connected by poor roads.

You should also consider things such as the traffic and how many parking lots are available near the venue. Some event planners even look if Lyft and Uber are available in that location.

  1. Choose the Ideal Location

The final selection should have several attributes. One of them is its syncing with the event theme. For example, it could be a mistake to hold a children’s summer camp at a brewery. On the other hand, it will be okay to stage human rights seminars in a large-scale conference hall.

However, it would help if you always kept in mind that space should leave room for flexibility. While it shouldn’t cost too much, it should also leave enough space for people to network without squeezing themselves.

  1. Keep an Eye on the Logistics

There are so many things that make a successful event. Your planning should cater for things such as furniture renting, visual and audio equipment, and catering. These things can be sourced from one contractor, or you can subcontract to many providers.

Moreover, some venues can offer catering and many of the audio-visual machinery. Therefore, it is good to add the costs when you are sourcing for a venue. Your calculations should determine whether it’s cheaper to select a venue with all the amenities or if you should outsource from several vendors.

  1. Conduct a Pre-visit

Most of the venues advertise their events online. You may be tempted to select a venue simply by looking at its online profile. For example, some venue owners may take wonderful pictures to attract customers.

While you should definitely do some research online, you shouldn’t book an event venue until you have visited it in person. This will give you the chance to confirm the details. It will also give you extra ideas on how to modify the event.

  1. The Size

You must determine the number of attendees before booking your event venue. Knowing the number of attendees will determine the size of the venue. It will also determine other room amenities, such as audio-visual equipment. While you may not know the number of attendees until a week to the event, you should book a venue with the right size. If you book a venue that is too small, it may become crowded. On the other hand, if you pick a too big venue, it will appear like few people attended your event.

  1. Food and Drink

It is not uncommon for guests to go home talking more about the food instead of the event theme. In that light, you should choose a menu promoting good food. This can include things such as drinks and three-course meals. You can buy an electric smoker for indoor and outdoor cooking and an oven for roasting or cooking.

The selection should be wide so that everybody can find something to eat. Today it has also become common for event organizers to offer vegetarian alternatives. You should also ask your attendees to disclose any allergies before the event date.

  1. Technology

Technology is changing rapidly, but you can choose the right selection for your venue. The best approach will be to hire a technical team to provide technical assistance during the event. Nevertheless, you should be aware that Wi-Fi and top-notch heavy equipment will not miss at the venue. In particular, the Wi-Fi should be fast and reliable because the majority of your guests will be using computers and phones to record notes.

  1. Reputation

You should also consider reviews of the venue. Pay close attention to negative reviews and see what other people did not like about the event. Also, if a venue has a bad reputation, that may scare attendees away. Therefore, you should ask other event managers about what they think of the event venue.

  1. Time and Date

You should also make sure that you have confirmed the event venue’s availability for time and date. Even if you call the management and tell you the venue will be available, it is wise to check regularly. Alternatively, you can pay a down payment so that the venue is legally booked. It may also be smart to check what events will be happening nearby during that day. A more-hyped event may overshadow your event.


As an event planner, how you choose the venue may make or break your upcoming events. It is true that there are many things you’ll have to look into, and that is why you need to start early enough. These tips will be a good place to start.