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Various Events We Organize


Undoubtedly, weddings are the most significant days for several people. That’s because it happens only once or a few times in one’s lifetime. Hence, they usually seek perfection or something close. To take the responsibility off the intending couple, some family members take it upon themselves. However, they should have the chance to enjoy the wedding as much as anyone else.

That’s where we come in. We provide you with your dream wedding without the stress of coordinating and worrying about venue and vendors. Besides all the logistics and fine details, we also help you get the best while sticking to your budget. We do our best to ensure things go as smoothly as possible. Nevertheless, we also manage any unpredictability whenever such arises.

Birthday Parties

Birthdays are annual events, and it’s a day to celebrate our loved ones here, whether it’s a milestone or not. Therefore it must be as unique as it can. We help arrange memorable parties for you, depending on your preferences. Even if it’s a surprise that has to be low-key, we ensure that it’s impressive. Birthday parties are usually more fun and spontaneous and should reflect the personality of the celebrant.

Funeral Receptions and Memorials

Most people hold a reception after funeral services. It’s both to appreciate the guests and show love and support for the deceased person’s family. Although funerals and memorials are usually solemn gatherings, that doesn’t mean they should be drab or shabby. Someone who’s lost a loved one may not be up to catering for guests; hence, the need for an event planner.

Professional or Corporate Gatherings

Everyone knows there’s a high sophistication level for corporate events like fundraisers, balls, and dinner parties. Meanwhile, for professional gatherings like conferences, the atmosphere depends on the industry. However, they both require a schedule and other things that keep the guests from getting easily bored. Also, they must reflect or portray the organizers’ brands.


Our Services

Our services go beyond mere party planning. Besides that, we help in designing, coordinating, and managing the event. We take your ideas, desires, and expectations and produce desirable results from them. Every one matters regardless of the size of the gathering. Therefore, we ensure that every guest has full experience. We also offer consulting services regarding designs and organization.

Our Team

We have a diverse team consisting of our Events Director who oversees our clients’ events from a distance. We also have the Program coordinators who’re always available to ensure every party’s smooth running. Our creativity and design team are responsible for designs and media. Our Operations Managers are in charge of affiliations with the necessary contractors and vendors.

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