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Are you planning an event? Do you want to have the best out of it? If yes, then it’s time to talk to experts to handle logistics and details about your event. At Bella Deux Events, that’s our area of specialization.

We focus on client satisfaction. Our goal is to make sure all attendees are comfortable. We work within your budget to ensure you have a classic event. How do we do that?

We are a jack of all trades; we only need to have your vision and goal at our fingertips; with that, we can tailor the activities to suit your goals.

We coordinate meetings, facilitate accommodation facilities- where necessary; we source for personnel for motivational talks and even plan your corporate team building activities.

On the social front, we are here to make you birthdays, anniversaries and graduations memorable. Our ten years of experience in the industry gives us an upper hand for we know where to source for quality services at an affordable fee.

Talk to us, and let your event be the talk of the town.

Let’s Get Started

There are many reasons for events in general. It could be a gathering of family members, colleagues, or even a whole community. They’re usually to commemorate a special occasion like birthdays, weddings, promotions, retirement, and memorials. However, there are also corporate events. They include things like fundraisers and conferences. Admittedly, there’s no limitation to the need for event planning as people throw parties frequently.

We curate customized experiences for your guests right from the invitations until the end of each event. Our responsibility is taking charge and managing even the smallest concerns. Thus, ensuring that there’s no pressure on you both before and during the party. We handle every detail with the utmost precision expected from professionals. However, that doesn’t mean we leave you out of the planning for your gathering.

We also endeavor to involve you, ensuring to incorporate your ideas and expectations while handling the heavy lifting. Consequently, we help make your dreams and ideas a reality. We’re driven by customer satisfaction and fulfillment at the end of each successful event. That’s what makes us the perfect fit for any social functions you want to organize.

What We Do

We take over your event planning operation using our experience and in-house connection to give you a budget-friendly service with a guarantee for customer satisfaction.

We learn your target they love and appreciate; get their preferences in terms of entertainment and their goals to provide service that will suit them to their satisfaction.

How We Do It

We have been in the industry for over a decade; we have discounted rates with various service providers relevant in the business.

The business rapport we have with them gives us an upper hand to get the best out of what they offer.

Once you engage us, we sign an agreement on what you expect from us. At this point, you may choose to give a deposit as a sign of commitment and the final payment on the D-DAY once you are satisfied with the quality of service we offer.

On the website design function, your physical presence is appreciated, but if you are too busy, then our online communication service still works to your advantage.

Talk to our website designers and content creators on what to expect out of the web design. You’ll have it within no time to your satisfaction.


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